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Leap Motion Improves Its Hand Tracking (Again)

Leap Motion Improves Its Hand Tracking (Again)

Leap Motion continues to improve its hand tracking technology with the latest update today.

Software updates issued over the last few years for Leap Motion’s hand-tracking sensors have steadily improved the hardware’s functionality. Mounted facing outward on a VR headset, Leap Motion’s $80 Controllers allow some developers to build VR software with complex interactions and without using hand-held controllers.

The fourth generation of Leap Motion’s software is said to include, among other improvements, better “finger dexterity and fidelity” as well as “significantly smoother hand and finger tracking, with motions that look and feel more natural.” The latest “Orion” software update is available as a testing release on Windows.

Check out some demos Leap Motion prepared to showcase the update alongside a variety of interactions:

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