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Leaked HTC Product Page Reveals Vive Accessory Pricing

Leaked HTC Product Page Reveals Vive Accessory Pricing

A recently removed product page on the HTC store’s website may have leaked a line of accessories for the recently released Vive virtual reality headset.

The page, which has apparently been taken down, revealed order options for nine potential Vive accessories. These products were listed as being available immediately for pre-order with an intended shipping window in June.

The products listed in the now defunct page were:

– Base Station with AC: $135
– Controller with AC: $130
– HDMI 3-in-1 Cable: $40
– Control Box (no AC): $30
– USB 2.0 Cable (AA) 4.5mm $10
– Face Cushion Set of 2 (Narrow) $25
– Face Cushion Set of 2 (Wide) $25
– Nose Rest Set of 3 (Narrow): $13
– Nose Rest Set of 3 (Wide): $13

There are some interesting nuggets to be discovered within that list beginning with the price of the single extra controller.

The Vive ships with two hand-tracked controllers in the box. Most experiences on the platform require the use of both so it would make sense that HTC would want to provide its customers with the option of having a backup in case one breaks.

However, the  Vive’s warranty and basic return policy should – in most cases – take care of something as simple as a defective controller. The option to purchase new controllers may be being implemented to satisfy users that have damaged their controllers in ways that disqualify them from a warranty exchange, or it may indicated something more interesting.

The replaceable face cushions should also raise a few eyebrows. The Vive’s current face cushions absorb quite a bit of sweat and, although durable, could do with a regular swapping just for the sake of hygiene. These $25 replacements may turn out to be HTC’s most consistent money-earner for Vive accessories as users continue to require fresh foam for their headsets.

The removed page was also placed under HTC’s enterprise category. This means that the available accessories may be targeting larger scale clientele first before reaching the everyday consumer.

We have reached out to HTC for comment and will update this post with any new information we may receive.

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