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League of War: VR Arena Brings Small-Scale Strategy to PSVR

League of War: VR Arena Brings Small-Scale Strategy to PSVR

If there’s any genre that absolutely deserves more recognition in the VR scene right now it’s real-time strategy titles. We’ve seen a handful of gamers release over the past year or so between all of the major headsets, but nowhere near as many strategy games have come to market as other genres such as wave shooters and competitive multiplayer action games. Luckily, League of War: VR Arena, a recently released strategy game for PSVR from MunkyFun, is aiming to change that.

We’ve played a bit of League of War: VR Arena since it released and it feels a little like a MOBA-lite with some macro-level strategy game elements. Each player picks a different commander that has different troops which can spawn during battles. In this way it feels a bit like Advance Wars. But instead of being a turn-based strategy game everything happens in real-time. You can see some gameplay, along with an interview, in the video below:

Each player has to spawn troops and send them off to fight the enemy on the other side of the map. Once a unit is spawned you can place where they go using the PS Move controllers. What makes League of War unique however is that you can play local multiplayer with a user watching the TV screen outside of VR. They lose the ability to pick up and place units, but they can act much more quickly, which balances things out.

The objective is to destroy your enemy’s turrets and base at the end of the lane and it results in a long-running game of rock-paper-scissors between your foot soldiers, tanks, fast ground vehicles, aerial crafts, and more. It’s exciting and a bit overwhelming at first, but eventually the rhythm of gameplay will set in.

League of War: VR Arena is now available on the PSN Store for PSVR at the price of $19.99 with both local multiplayer and a single player campaign. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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