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Layers Of Fear Listed As 'Coming Soon' On PlayStation Store For PSVR

Layers Of Fear Listed As 'Coming Soon' On PlayStation Store For PSVR

A store listing on PlayStation 5 consoles indicates the Layers of Fear is coming soon to PSVR.

The listing, pictured below in a screenshot captured by UploadVR, can only been seen on the PlayStation Store when using a PS5 console and doesn’t seem to appear elsewhere, including on the desktop version of the store available online.

layers of fear psvr listing

The game is tagged as ‘Just Announced’ when listed in a search results, implying that maybe the store page was sent online early ahead of an official announcement.

There’s no release date, only ‘coming soon’ and the page says that PS Move and PSVR Aim controllers are required to play, along with a PSVR system. On other platforms, there’s no shooting mechanic in Layers of Fear, so it’s likely this is just an error and a PS Aim controller won’t be needed. Along with the placeholder title graphic, it’s likely that the page is still incomplete.

Originally a PC and console title, Layers of Fear received a PC VR port in late 2019, before coming to the Oculus Quest midway through last year. We weren’t the biggest fans of Layers of Fear in our PC VR review, however a PSVR port is still nonetheless good news for those who might have been waiting for it to come to the platform.

We talked to the developers of Layers of Fear, Bloober Team, last year about the challenges of bringing the game to Oculus Quest. When we asked about plans to bring some of their other titles, such as Layers of Fear 2, to VR platforms, they wouldn’t say yes or no and said “who knows what the future will bring.”

Keep an eye out for more details on Layers of Fear for PSVR in the near future.

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