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David Attenborough's Kingdom Of Plants Comes To Quest Via Oculus TV

David Attenborough's Kingdom Of Plants Comes To Quest Via Oculus TV

A flora-focused series from nature documentary legend David Attenborough is making its way to VR, available now via Oculus TV.

Kingdom of Plants 3D is a three-part series, written and presented by Attenborough, that first premiered on TV back in 2012, broadcast on 3D channels.

It was one of a couple of Attenborough series in the early 2010s that were shot and presented in 3D format. Kingdom of Plants is the only one to since be converted to work in VR and made available to Quest users.

The VR adaption was produced by Alchemy Immersive — who also worked on last year’s release of the Micro Monsters series by Attenborough on Oculus TV — in collaboration with Meta, ZOO VFX and 1.618 Digital.

Kingdom of Plants will be available at 8K 60fps on Quest 2 and 5K 60fps on the original Quest.

“This immersive series gives you a chance to discover how the life of plants is far from static; it’s full of rich and curious stories of rivalries, dramas, allies and enemies,” said Alchemy Immersive director Iona McEwan to Variety. “By immersing you in the plant world at their scale, in their time, and in incredible 8K quality, you experience our world in an entirely new way.”

Speaking about the original film, Attenborough said that “you can go to Africa and watch elephants and you’ll see more or less what you see on TV but you can’t go anywhere in the world and see plants like you can in this series.”

Quest users can access the content right now through Oculus TV or by heading to

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