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Killer Frequency From Team 17 Arrives June 1 For Quest 2

Killer Frequency From Team 17 Arrives June 1 For Quest 2

Killer Frequency, the first VR game from Team 17, now has a release date. It's coming June 1 for Quest 2.  

First revealed last year during the Upload VR Showcase, Killer Frequency will see players embody a local radio host in 1980s America, helping the citizens of a small town avoid a masked killer while keeping the radio tunes spinning.

It's the first VR game from Team 17, the studio best known for the Worms franchise. The game isn't VR exclusive – it's also coming to Steam and consoles on the same day as Quest 2. The Steam release is flatscreen-only, however, and won't support PC VR headsets. In a press release, Team 17 confirmed that the game runs at 72 FPS on Quest 2 – a slight disappointment, given that Quest 2 can support up to 90 FPS.

A new trailer dropped alongside the release date announcement, embedded above, but features footage from the console/flatscreen version. That said, you can see the potential for some fun physical interactions in VR, if done properly.

Here's a synopsis from Team 17 below detailing what to expect in Killer Frequency:

Set during the 1980s in a Midwestern US town where a serial killer is on the loose, Killer Frequency follows Forrest Nash, a washed-up DJ and presenter of the ‘The Scream’ late night show, as he tries to help listeners and callers stalked by a mysterious masked murderer.
As the gruesome night unfolds, interact with callers to the show using a variety of conversation options while listening carefully for clues and information, solve puzzles around the studio that could help prevent their grisly demise, and keep the show going with tunes inspired by the decade. In Killer Frequency, death can come easy but is never assured, so it’s up to you to help Forrest prevent the slaughter, discover the killer’s true identity, and keep the grooves going until dawn.

Given the same day release on VR and flatscreen platforms, we're interested to see  the level of VR integration and interactions that Team 17 implements for the Quest 2 release. I'm hoping we'll be able to replicate the tactile and precise turntable needle drop moment that record lovers know so well. Fingers crossed – the premise shows great potential.

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