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GOLF+ Is Getting One Of The World's Most Iconic Courses Next Week

GOLF+ Is Getting One Of The World's Most Iconic Courses Next Week

A new course is coming to GOLF+ on Quest 2, and it’s based on a real world course that’s regarded as one of the best in the world.

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort is a stunning course that gives players an expansive panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, while also providing players with tough wind conditions for the same reason.

From May 26, the course will be available to Quest 2 players on GOLF+, allowing them to experience the iconic course in VR for the first time, as pictured below.

golf+ kiawah valley

This will be the fifth full course available in GOLF+, which features a mixture of real world and fictional courses. It follows on from the fictional Alpine course, which was released last month as a free update.

It’s not clear yet whether the Kiawah Island course will be a free or paid release. One of the game’s other real world courses, Wolf Creek in Nevada, released as paid DLC for $7.99, so there’s a fair chance that the Kiawah Island release will follow suit.

Update: on the Golf+ Discord server, the developers confirmed Kiawah Island will be a paid release, available next week for $7.99.

GOLF+ began its life on the original Quest headset in May 2020 as a putting-only game, titled “Pro Putt”. However, late last year the game rebranded to GOLF+ to coincide with the addition of full swing courses.

While the full courses were a welcome addition, they are sadly not supported on the original Quest — those players can enjoy the putting and driving ranges, but not full courses. This means the upcoming Kiawah Island release will also only be available on Quest 2 headsets.

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