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Just Dance VR Is Pico's First Major Exclusive

Just Dance VR Is Pico's First Major Exclusive

Pico will have its first major exclusive game in 2023 with Just Dance VR from Ubisoft.

The immensely popular music game franchise is coming “exclusively” to Pico next year. Though details are extremely light at the moment, the addition to Pico’s lineup promises a major rhythm game for players using Pico’s latest standalone consumer headset.

Pico teased the following:

“Just Dance is the most popular game music franchise of all time. The game aims to connect everyone through the feel-good power of dance. For the very first time, PICO gives the VR form of Just Dance a go, thanks to our partnership with Ubisoft. It’s your turn – just jump into the virtual world, and just dance! People will really be impressed by the realistic and immersive experience of trying out VR gaming for the first time.”

We’ve tried out Pico 4 briefly and plan to review the device in the coming weeks, but barring a major hitch in its hardware or software it appears Quest 2 faces some stiff competition for the first time in standalone VR. Whereas Meta acquired VR’s most popular game Beat Saber back in 2019 and partnered with developers on titles such as Dance Central VR, Pico is catching up as it secures some of the most popular VR games for its platform on a per-title basis. Just Dance VR, however, marks the beginning of a new era as it will give fans of the series as well as rhythm games in general a major reason to consider Pico over a Quest 2. Many of the titles on Quest have been ported to Pico already, and today the company announced more including The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution, Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom, Ruins Magus, Green Hell, and Ultimechs. While Pico 4 has built-in PC VR streaming from a local PC, the creator of Virtual Desktop Guy Godin also confirmed on Twitter his streaming app will be on Pico 4 as well, writing that “you’ll be able to stream all your favorite SteamVR and Oculus games wirelessly.”

We’re curious to find details of whether the exclusivity agreement between Ubisoft and Pico is for a certain period or locked to the platform. Check back with UploadVR in the coming months as we chart out the next steps in VR.

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