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Former Head Of HTC Vive Studios Joel Breton Joins Sixense

Former Head Of HTC Vive Studios Joel Breton Joins Sixense

Joel Breton has been known as the head of HTC’s Vive Studios content division, but is leaving the company to join Sixense as the President of the newly founded Sixense Studios and Executive Vice President of product and development. In this role at Sixense’s new software division, Breton will oversee content creation and will deal directly with Sixense’s client base.

Sixense has a checkered past as a consumer company, especially following a major fiasco with production and delivery of its Kickstarter-funded 6DOF VR controllers that ended in full refunds to all backers. Since then, they’ve reportedly pivoted to more enterprise-level clients.

“Our software team has developed a deep understanding of the core principles of human interactions with immersive environments over the past decade,” said CEO of Sixense Enterprises, Amir Rubin. “With Joel’s deep experience with content development, and with bringing both consumer and enterprise cross-platform applications to market, he will be invaluable to our growth.”

Sixense has been known as a hardware company, so this is an interesting shift and certainly a major addition to the team. Breton’s background at Vive encompasses all of the studio’s Ready Player One content, Knockout League, Skyworld Kingdom Brawl, Arcade Saga, and more. Prior to that Breton worked at Sega, GT Interactive, MTV Networks, and more.

Details are scarce on what exactly Breton can contribute directly and immediately, but projects like SiegeVR from IGT show promise, as do clients such as VRSim and Lincoln Electric.

Let us know what you think of this shake up in the VR landscape down in the comments below!

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