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Job Simulator reveals new level and Oculus Touch support

Job Simulator reveals new level and Oculus Touch support

Oculus Connect has absolutely exploded today with a number of different major announcements, from a $99 GearVR to a huge number of new Oculus Touch demos. Among all the new demos was a familiar favorite, Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator, which is debuting a new job on the Touch controllers at Connect.

Set in an office, the new level allows for the same level of interactive chaos that we have seen from the game’s previous levels, allowing you to have the ultimate office meltdown – without the small consequence of possibly losing your real life job.

Job Simulator is one of the VR titles I am most excited for. In previous encounters with the game I have thrown eggs into pots beer-pong style, microwaved things that I definitely shouldn’t have, thrown things at overly polite robots who thank me and ask for another, jumbo sized hot dogs and porno mags, and tons more. Job Simulator’s brilliance is in its simplicity and interactivity. The team at Owlchemy Labs has spent countless hours honing the experience to make as much as possible interactive and reactive. The result is a fun sandbox that only gets more fun when you go off the rails and get creative.

The Office level is one of what will be five levels for the game’s final release. We have seen two previously, the cooking demo and the convenience store. Job Simulator is planned for release with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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