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UFC Fighter Praises Boxing Sim Thrill Of The Fight's Realism

Thrill of the Fight Steam screenshot

UFC fighter Jared Cannonier praised Thrill of the Fight's realism, confirming he uses the VR sim to cut weight.

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan spoke with Jared Cannonier, a professional MMA fighter currently competing in UFC's Middleweight division. Spotted by the Ruff Talk VR Podcast, Cannonier revealed that he regularly plays Thrill of the Fight, before praising the popular boxing sim's realism.

"[Thrill of the Fight] is fairly realistic as far as the sensors and responsiveness goes, and I was using that to cut weight for my last fight and the Adesanya fight," Cannonier tells Rogan.

It's little surprise to see Cannonier praise Thrill of the Fight. We previously called it one of the best VR sports games on Quest. Created by solo developer Ian Fitz, it puts you inside a virtual ring as you face AI opponents, adjusting difficulty automatically based on the strength of your hits.

This isn't the first time VR has been discussed on the Joe Rogan Experience either. In 2019, then Oculus CTO John Carmack discussed subjects like Artificial General Intelligence, AR, and VR economics. Last year, an appearance from Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the then-upcoming Meta Quest Pro would release in October.

Thrill of the Fight is out now on SteamVR and Quest. Back in January, Halfbrick Studios and Ian Fitz announced Thrill of the Fight 2 is in development, though a release window and platforms remain unconfirmed.

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