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Jam Out To Blasphemous In New Drums Rock Update

Jam Out To Blasphemous In New Drums Rock Update

Drums Rock added three tracks in a new update as part of an unexpected crossover with Team17's Blasphemous.

One of many PSVR 2 launch games back in February, the latest Drums Rock update brings a licensed crossover with 2021's Blasphemous, a flatscreen Metroidvania by Spanish studio The Game Kitchen. With Blasphemous 2 arriving in Q3 2023, it's unsurprising to see it crossing over with other games, adding the "Prohibidos y Cubiertos de Polvo" song and themed cosmetics for free. You can see this in action below:

Garage51 confirms this update also contains two bonus songs: Survivor (Cabin Boy Jumped Ship) and The Last Line of Defense (December Screams Embers), alongside an ability to move the drum position and "other improvements." If you want to learn more, here's the game's official description.

Drums Rock is an arcade drum game for VR, follow the rock rhythm with your drums and crush the demons. Each note is represented by an enemy, and they will be defeated by playing the drums. Experience a unique campaign: with different levels, challenges, songs and worlds. Drums Rock is an ideal game to feel like a rock star, while smashing hordes of demons to the rhythm of rock!

Drums Rock is available now on the Meta Quest platform, PC VR via Steam and PSVR 2.

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