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Ironlights Adds Two New Classes And Fighter Creation Tools

Ironlights Adds Two New Classes And Fighter Creation Tools

Close combat dueling game Ironlights added two new classes — Dragoon and Scourge — and a sandbox mode to create your own fighters or try out any of the game’s weapons.

The sandbox mode lets you record animations to create a new bot fighter which can be exported to share with others. The bots in the new sandbox mode are made with the same in-game animation recording tool developer E McNeill used to make the bots in the single-player campaign.

“You define your bot’s behavior by recording animations for various ‘moves’, like Melee Attack, Chargeup, and Taunt,” McNeill explained in an email. “Then you can fight your bot (or the bots made by others, if you sideload them) and it’ll play the different animations based on the context of the fight. In short, they’re as fully-featured as any fighter in the game!”

The new classes are Dragoon and Scourge. Dragoon, pictured below, features a blade with three tips as well as a parrying dagger for defense. The class also throws javelins and daggers for ranged attacks.

The Scourge class, meanwhile, equips the player with two whips for fast attacks as well as defense. You can crack the whip on an opponent for extra damage, according to the release notes, and swing the whip to send a spinning disc at the enemy. You can see it in the gif below:

The update for Ironlights also includes a number of balancing updates for the existing classes as well as various bug fixes and changes.

Ironlights is available on the Oculus Store for Quest as well as available for PC VR on Steam.

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