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Experimental iPhone App Uses AR To Suspend Your Images In Mid-Air

Experimental iPhone App Uses AR To Suspend Your Images In Mid-Air

Apple and augmented reality have both been mentioned in conversation a few times, most recently in our report on a new patent for Light Field AR. Now there’s a conversation about Apple AR of a different flavor due to a creator’s first experiment with apps. Reported on Gizmodo, creator Dan Monaghan’s Float0 gives you an image gallery on iOS that has pictures floating in mid-air.

Source: Dan Monaghan

In its current form, Float0 allows you to use the camera on your iPhone and a floating gallery appears through the display as you snap shots. Monaghan says it currently runs 60fps with no stutter or latency issues usually.

Dan Monaghan shares a bit more about his intentions for Float0 on his website, saying what has been shown thus far is only the beginning of an app “that will have sharing” and “lots of different ‘modes'”. Gizmodo’s reporter alludes to the app’s potential in a social space where a user could pull up their phones and see images taken at different venues. To take the idea further, it would be interesting to be able to exchange pictures in such a way or even set up scavenger hunts using Float0. For all we know, these ideas could be in the works and we’ll just have to wait and see what Monaghan comes up with.

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