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Apple's iOS 12 Launches September 17

Apple's iOS 12 Launches September 17

Apple’s newest mobile operating system iOS 12 launches Sept. 17.

ARKit 2 is a major part of the iOS 12 upgrade and includes updates to Apple’s computer vision software that will enable new kinds of higher quality augmented reality experiences. One of the biggest new features in ARKit 2 is shared AR experiences, as seen with an upcoming multiplayer Galaga AR game. The update also includes better object recognition and persistence so that AR experiences can understand the environment better or can be resumed at a later time.

One of the most interesting aspects of the update is a new feature called “Quick Look” that was shown during the Apple event September update event allowing a 3D object to be pulled out of a web page and placed in the real world.

While developers can use this feature too, its integration into the Safari Web browser means developers may be able to take advantage of AR on iPhone without needing to release an app on Apple’s App Store.

We’re looking forward to an influx of new AR apps to and updates to hit the App Store as soon as this OS update arrives.

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