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Inverse Brings 4v1 Survival Horror To Quest App Lab Today

Inverse key art

Inverse pits Agents against the Nul in a 4v1 asymmetrical survival horror, available today in early access on Quest.

Developed by MassVR, Inverse is set in an eponymous world filled with horrific creatures known as the Nul. Taking place across five-player matches, four Agents must survive by powering up control terminals across a facility, stopping the Nul escaping through an Anomaly portal. Debuting a new trailer during the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2023, you can watch that below:


"Find the terminals and complete the skill checks before the Nul incapacitates you. Once all terminals have been completed, power will be restored to the Facility’s operating systems and the weapons vaults will be unlocked," states the official website.

Assisting the Agents are various gadgets and weapons found across vaults, letting you scan for nearby lifeforms, activate mines, and more. If an Agent's downed, you can revive yourself with a health syringe or a teammate through a defibrillator. As for the Nul, these creatures are proficient in melee damage and can climb across walls for a better vantage point, dropping towards unsuspecting Agents.

A "feature-limited version" of Inverse is available now on Quest 2 via App Lab, which is free to play for a limited time. The full release is planned for Fall 2023, followed by PC VR in Holiday 2023 and PSVR 2 next year.

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