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Into The Radius Arrives Next Week On Meta Quest 2

Into The Radius Arrives Next Week On Meta Quest 2

Following a recent gameplay reveal, developer CM Games confirmed Into the Radius arrives on September 8 for Meta Quest 2.

Having launched for PC VR headsets two years ago as an Early Access release, CM Games revealed a Quest 2 port for Into the Radius back in April. Translating the full PC version to Quest 2 wasn’t a solo effort from CM Games, who previously confirmed it worked in “close collaboration” with another unknown studio on the port. We’ve known that a September launch was planned for sometime and now we’ve got a confirmed release date thanks to a Twitter post.

Taking inspiration from the STALKER series, Into the Radius sees players exploring a hostile wasteland. You can’t win every fight and stealth is key to your success, meaning you’ll have to pick your battles carefully. There’s also a strong focus on resource scavenging and weapons maintenance. 

We had mixed impressions in our Into the Radius review for PC VR. Praising its tense atmosphere and immersive gameplay, we considered it “worth playing if you’re a fan of the setting or looking for something dense to dig into.” While we criticized its “bland art style” alongside “janky controls and some odd design decisions,” some issues were later addressed in the 2.0 update.

Into The Radius launches on September 8 for Meta Quest 2, though a price remains unconfirmed. On PC VR, it’s available now via Steam for $29.99.

Have you played Into The Radius on PC VR? Interested in trying out the Quest 2 version? As always, let us know in the comments below.

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