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Interkosmos 2000 Has Landed On Meta Quest 2

Interkosmos 2000 Has Landed On Meta Quest 2

Ovid Works is back once more with Interkosmos 2000, a new spacefaring VR game available now on Meta Quest 2. 

Following fellow Soviet-inspired VR release Red Matter 2 last month, Interkosmos 2000 leans more towards simulation than adventure. A sequel to Interkosmos, the game’s story mode will place players inside an experimental space capsule on New Year’s Eve 1999, saving humanity from both a devastating crash and the Y2K bug. A sandbox mode is also in development, though there’s no release window for that just yet.

In story mode, the goal is to land and manage your outdated ship from within the cockpit. You’ll be keeping watch over the navigation and guidance systems, securing environmental systems and much more. Assisted by state-of-the-art tech from the 90s like floppy disks, things can quickly go wrong if you aren’t paying attention – you’ll need to carefully avoid stray asteroids and space stations. 

We’re hopeful Interkosmos 2000 will live up to its predecessor, of which we had positive impressions in our review. We felt Interkosmos offered “one of the most detailed, convincing VR environments” at that time and had high praise for its simulation gameplay. While it wasn’t the easiest experience, we enjoyed its “unforgiving brand” of survival gameplay and considered it to be “rightly punishing.”

Interkosmos 2000 is available now on Meta Quest 2 for $19.99. It’s also coming to PC VR via Steam and PSVR, but we don’t have official release dates for those versions just yet. 

Will you be trying out Interkosmos 2000? Have you ever played the original game? Let us know in the comments below.

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