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Interdimensional Matter Is A Short But Sweet Hand Tracking Experience On Quest

Interdimensional Matter Is A Short But Sweet Hand Tracking Experience On Quest

Since hand tracking launched on the Quest as an experimental feature last year, there’s been a slew of new demos and proof-of-concept games utilizing the new technology. While some of them are hit and miss in terms of depth and polish (and understandably so), Interdimensional Matter is one of the newer hand tracking experiences on SideQuest that feels simple and short, yet also charming and sweet.

The game will see you attempt to control and align several pieces of ‘interdimensional matter’ almost like a puzzle. When you feel you’ve aligned everything right and put all the pieces together, you can press a pink button to advance to the next set of objects. The game won’t rate you on how well you did, or even tell you if you got it wrong, however it becomes increasingly clear that the game is not meant to be taken too seriously. The shapes and puzzles get increasingly ridiculous and unrealistic, giving you little hope of being able to put everything back together in any meaningful way.

The whole experience will only take you around 5 minutes, if that, to complete. While it’s still basic and simple in concept, it still feels ever so slightly more polished than some other hand tracking demos available on SideQuest so far. It’s ultimately still a long way off being a fully fledged game, but it’s got a semblance of a beginning and end and a strangely repetitive yet charming acapella soundtrack.

We also recently tried Tea for God’s hand tracking update, which was a bit inconsistent and yet also still an intriguing peek into what the future of hand tracking games might hold.

Interdimensional Matter is available on the Oculus Quest via sideloading on SideQuest. If you’re getting started with SideQuest or don’t know how to sideload, check out our guide.

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