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Inter Solar 83 Mixes 80s & Space Exploration On PC VR Next Year

Inter Solar 83 screenshot

Inter Solar 83 takes us to the stars with an 80s aesthetic, merging survival and space exploration on PC VR next year.

Created by solo developer Joe Chisholm (Go For Launch: Mercury) at First Time Games, Inter Solar 83 tasks you with spaceship management to stay alive through wits and resourcefulness. "Perform repairs, conduct research, and craft resources while journeying between stars," explains the developer in a press release. A free demo is available now that recently received a significant update, and you can watch the preview trailer below:

Inter Solar 83 uses a procedurally generated universe for space exploration, offering "seamless" hyperspace travel without loading screens. As for the story, Chisholm confirms narratives will unfold upon finding remnants like crashed ships or mysterious ancient alien artifacts.

“Inter Solar 83 offers an unparalleled VR adventure,” said Joe Chisholm in a prepared statement. “Players will embark on a truly lonely and awe-inspiring trek through the stars, where every decision counts, and survival depends on their ingenuity and adaptability.”

A Kickstarter campaign also goes live on November 12 and First Time Games states backers have a chance to secure "exclusive in-game content," letting you appear in-game or have a planet named after you. Like any Kickstarter campaign, we recommend caution before pledging your money. Kickstarter is not a preorder system, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you pledged.

Inter Solar 83 currently targets a Q4 2024 early access release window on PC VR, with Q4 2025 planned for the full release. First Time Games confirmed to UploadVR that there are currently no plans to release Inter Solar 83 on other platforms.

This article, originally published on August 4, was updated on Sept. 20, 2023 with revised release date information and Kickstarter campaign update.

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