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InstaVR Offers Fast, Easy Publish-Ready VR Creation Platform

One of the biggest hurdles of virtual reality application development is complicated technical aspects and a fragmented ecosystem of platforms. Do you focus on the market leader with the Oculus Rift, go for consumer-ready with Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, or opt for something else like the HTC Vive? Or maybe you’re building for the PlayStation VR specifically. Regardless of the platform, other complicated technical hurdles must be cleared before your application can begin to take form. InstaVR from CANDLIFY VR Technologies aims to solve all of that.

InstaVR is being described as, “a new web-based authoring tools platform that enables virtual reality creators to quickly and easily prepare publish-ready formats.” The idea is that since this platform is entirely cloud-based and has a lot of the infrastructure to support multiple VR platforms built-in, then the developing and publishing process should be relatively hassle-free.

A YouTube video shows a demonstration involving a gallery of images and a video. Users operate the cloud-based software similar to most other web applications. It allows you to upload custom branding, such as names and logos, and import the files directly from your computer. Everything is hosted on the cloud and published to a marketplace that can be accessed for any VR device instantly. If everything works well, it looks like an elegant and simple turnkey solution for fast and efficient VR content hosting. But we’ll know more once we can give it a try ourselves.

The press release indicates:
“Through InstaVR, content developers can author their VR content online and then obtain packages for the various virtual reality platforms. These packages are publish-ready and can be submitted directly to each applicable marketplace. As a result, InstaVR allows content creators to develop and build a VR app in minutes.”

You can apply for the free InstaVR beta on their website here. Stay tuned to UploadVR for more information on InstaVR and CANDLIFY VR Technologies as CES 2016 continues.

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