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In Death: Unchained Brings Rogue-Lite VR Action To Oculus Quest This July

In Death: Unchained Brings Rogue-Lite VR Action To Oculus Quest This July

During the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2020 we revealed that In Death: Unchained is an Oculus Quest port of the excellent PC VR rogue-lite in development by Superbright that’s aiming to deliver amazing standalone wireless thrills when it releases this July.

Watch the announcement trailer and first-ever gameplay footage right here:

I reviewed the original PC VR version of the game and it regularly ends up on many “best of” lists, including our list of the very best VR roguelike games you can play. In Death features best-in-class bow and arrow combat with excellent physics. Peeking around corners, landing headshots, and dodging projectiles was already a blast and is sure to be even better without a wire tethering you.

Visually, the trailer certainly makes it seem like they nailed the visual style with few compromises, which was likely a difficult feat giving how polished the PC VR game looks. What makes In Death so fun and replayable is just how varied each playthrough can be. Instead of replaying the same levels or barely altered levels, they’re dramatically different each time with a variety of new features and enemies to face. You barely notice the procedural generation.

Since In Death: Unchained is releasing next month in July that means we won’t have to wait very long before diving into this one once again.

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