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I Expect You To Die Clears $3 Million Revenue Milestone

I Expect You To Die Clears $3 Million Revenue Milestone

I Expect You To Die from Schell Games surpassed a revenue milestone of $3 million.

The spy-themed escape room VR game released in late 2016 and since shipped on every hand-controlled consumer VR platform alongside major updates that kept the game fresh over the last two years. It is available now on  Steam, Oculus, the PlayStation Store and Windows Store.

A little more than a year ago Schell announced the game had surpassed just $1 million in gross revenue, so it actually saw $2 million in revenue generated in just the last year.

VR games in the early days are typically built by extraordinarily small teams, so many experiences out there are built by just a couple people doing the majority of the work. Meanwhile, companies like Oculus and HTC don’t release sales numbers for headsets. So any prospective VR developers trying to make smart decisions about how to spend their time and effort really only have the reports of other developers to hold onto when making their plans. That means when Beat Saber’s creators say it sold 100,000 copies in less than a month and the developer behind H3VR says he sold 100,000 copies over the previous two years, this data can help folks reverse engineer their own path to success by understanding what makes these titles work. Job Simulator achieved the same $3 million milestone in early 2017 and we’ve seen smaller milestones announced by Cloudhead’s The Gallery and Raw Data.

Schell Games is headed up by Jesse Schell, a game designer, professor and author who worked on the pioneering VR attraction DisneyQuest back when he was an imagineer.


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