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I Expect You To Die 3 From Schell Games Coming This Year

I Expect You To Die 3 From Schell Games Coming This Year

I Expect You To Die 3 is coming this year to Meta Quest and Steam VR headsets.

The single-player puzzle series from Schell Games imagines a James Bond-inspired “spy-fi” world of plotting villains and the spies trying to stop them. Each mission is like an escape room and you have psychic powers to pull out of reach objects. The design makes it one of VR’s most comfortable experiences with a trial-and-error approach seeing players discovering new ways to die.

The first game released in 2016 with additional levels added in the years afterward. I Expect You To Die’s standalone sequel, The Spy And The Liar, debuted in 2021 and I thought the bigger “more richly developed” follow-up would be a hit with people who loved the first, teasing that we “can’t wait to see what Schell Games does with this franchise in the future.”

I Expect You To Die 3: Cog In The Machine releases for Steam and Meta Quest VR headsets this year. Schell hasn’t shared any details yet on its plans for I Expect You To Die games on PlayStation VR2. Check out the announcement trailer below. 

“We have some unique and exciting locations in I Expect You To Die 3, and we can’t wait to see how players creatively solve puzzles in a race to beat Dr. Zor at his own game,” said Matt Mahon, VP of Engineering and Project Director for I Expect You To Die 3, in a prepared statement. “Players new to the series can jump right in and have a great time, and returning fans will appreciate some fun nods to the prior games.”

Schell Games tends to build hype for its projects with a steady drip of information leading up to, and even after, release. Eagle-eyed viewers, for example, might’ve spotted a QR code in the trailer above leading to some story-related lore. The studio’s most recent release Among Us VR adapted the deception game to VR well and quickly surpassed 1 million copies sold. Schell just teased the Polus map coming to Among Us VR.

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