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Hubris Launches December 7 For PC VR, Quest 2 & PSVR 2 Coming 2023

Hubris Launches December 7 For PC VR, Quest 2 & PSVR 2 Coming 2023

Cyborn announced its upcoming action-adventure VR game Hubris will release on December 7 for PC VR.

Hubris is a sci-fi action adventure title that will see you traverse through some stunning space vistas while climbing, running and swimming through environments and fending off enemies with your blasters. The game was originally scheduled for a late 2021 release, but got pushed back into 2022. The final December 7 release date for PC VR was revealed today in the trailer embedded above.

We’ve been hands-on with Hubris twice now. Both times, we came away impressed with the visuals – it’s not quite a match for PC VR juggernauts like Half-Life: Alyx or Lone Echo, but comes pretty damn close – but remained a tad let down by the gameplay, particularly the combat.

While the gun fights are built a solid foundation of mechanics and interactions, it was the lacklustre enemy AI and slight feelings of repetitiveness that held back our most recent demo at Gamescom. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of time to improve before launch and there’s lot of other elements to love about Hubris – we’ll reserve our full judgement for when the final release drops in December.

Hubris is also coming to Quest 2 and PSVR 2, but not until 2023. Cyborn also noted that a release on some other unnamed platforms will arrive in 2023 as well – could this mean Hubris is coming to Pico headsets too?

Time will tell, but PC VR players will be able to start playing in just over a month, with Hubris launching on December 7 for $39.99.

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