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HTC Shows New Angles Of Upcoming VR Headset Ahead of ViveCon

HTC Shows New Angles Of Upcoming VR Headset Ahead of ViveCon

HTC is giving even more teases of a new VR headset with some more GIFs giving a look at the headset’s form factor.

Three new GIFs are circulating that give different views of the unannounced headset. The first, from a promotional email sent by HTC, seems to show the bottom and underside of the front panel of the headset.


The next two GIFs show a corner of the headset featuring what looks to be a tracking camera, and an unidentifiable grill, perhaps from the underside of the headset.



The first proper tease for a new headset came from HTC around a month ago, which showed what looks to be the corner of a headset and a tracking camera, The teaser image was paired with a tweet that said it was time to “get down to business”, perhaps implying the headset will be enterprise-focused and not a general consumer device.

Earlier this year, President of Vive in China Alvin Wang Graylin said that HTC would “release a new AIO [all-in-one] this year” but that he didn’t think it would be positioned as a Quest competitor. If the new headset that HTC has been teasing is in fact a standalone headset aimed at enterprise, this would line up with Graylin’s comments — while the Quest does have a business variant, it is primarily a consumer-focused standalone.

We’re set to learn more about this unannounced headset — and perhaps more — very soon at ViveCon on May 11 and 12. Stay tuned for the news when it drops and perhaps more teasers before then.

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