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HTC Stock Trading Halted, Speculation Builds Of Google Sale

HTC Stock Trading Halted, Speculation Builds Of Google Sale

For more than a year reports have surfaced that HTC might be looking for a buyer for either some or all of its business. Today, the company halted the sale of its stock which could mean the moment is at hand.

Rumors have also suggested Google might be the most likely buyer. The Silicon Valley tech giant partnered with the Taiwan-based company for leading devices with both its cell phone business (like Daydream’s Pixel) and its upcoming wave of standalone VR headsets. HTC released the following statement: “HTC does not comment on market rumor or speculation.”

Google used HTC Vive to prototype a lot of its most innovative ideas, and its a leading device for Google Earth, Tilt Brush and Blocks — three incredible VR applications the company already released. Not to mention Google also bought Owlchemy Labs, which also launched its groundbreaking game Job Simulator first on Vive. Buying HTC could potentially speed up efforts at both companies to address the VR market as it enters the next phase. All that said, some suggested Google’s interest in HTC might be not even be in its VR business.

Updates to come.


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