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HTC Reveals PC, Phone Streaming Features For Vive Focus

HTC Reveals PC, Phone Streaming Features For Vive Focus

Today at the 2018 Vive Ecosystem Conference (VEC2018) HTC announced a slew of updates coming to the Vive platform, including the flagship PC Vive headset and mobile Vive Focus device.

One of the largest limiting factors facing most mobile VR platforms, including the Vive Focus, is a lack of content. The Oculus Go has the benefit of leveraging years of Gear VR apps from that ecosystem, but even on that front the quality of the experiences pale in comparison to what’s on offer for Rift, Vive, Windows VR, and PSVR. That’s where new streaming features are coming into play.

Soon, Vive Focus users will be able to wirelessly stream PC VR content from Steam and Viveport to their Focus over 5GHz Wi-Fi via an “optimized version” of the ironically titled Riftcat VRidge application. You can download the app on the Viveport M store starting today.

When you stream a PC VR app to your Vive Focus, you can interact with it using either the standard Vive Focus controller, an Xbox One controller, or a third-party controller paired to the PC.

Obviously latency is the big question with any sort of VR streaming so it remains to be seen whether or not streaming an extremely demanding high-end premium PC VR game from Steam to your Vive Focus, in real-time, will actually work that well.

Additionally, Vive Focus users will soon be able to receive messages, social notifications, and even take calls on compatible HTC smartphones — all without removing the headset. This feature is included in the new System Update 2.0 that releases today as an expansion of the built-in Vive companion app, available in the HTC official app store and Tencent app store soon.

Finally, HTC is also working on a feature that will allow users to stream non-VR phone screen content (such as existing apps, games, or videos) from a compatible smartphone to the headset to be enjoyed on a massive VR theater-sized screen. Details are light on the timing for this feature.

Fore more information on what HTC announced at VEC2018 today, you can find all other stories, including a 6DOF controller update for Vive Focus, here.

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