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HTC Launches Viveport Subscriptions For Oculus Rift

HTC Launches Viveport Subscriptions For Oculus Rift

HTC is formally supporting Oculus Rift headsets with its Viveport subscription plan.

The plan includes a free trial, so there’s little risk for Rift owners to try out the service. The entry level $9 per month Viveport subscription plan lets players pick five titles to play that month.

According to HTC, there are more than 1200 titles on Viveport with 500 of them available in the subscription plan. Many titles already include semi-official Oculus Rift support through Valve’s OpenVR software, but HTC said it tested 200 of the most popular subscription titles and found that around 160 of them carry this kind of support. This new initiative from HTC, however, will add the Oculus logo to Viveport pages and make it easier for developers to specify Rift compatibility on Viveport. That, in turn, will make it easier for Rift-owning subscribers to find content that’s compatible with their headset.

For developers, the addition of Viveport should be a welcome one for some Oculus Rift owners who can use the service to test out some high quality titles before buying.

This story was originally posted Aug. 16 but has been updated Sept. 4 now that subscriptions are active for Oculus Rift users.

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