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HP Reverb G2 Is Just $350 In Limited Time US Flash Sale

HP Reverb G2 Is Just $350 In Limited Time US Flash Sale

HP Reverb G2 is just $350 in a limited-time sale on HP’s USA Store.

Reverb G2 is a tethered PC VR headset. It uses Microsoft’s Windows MR software platform but is compatible with most SteamVR games.

Its dual 2160×2160 panels provide higher resolution than Quest 2, and it has stepless lens separation adjustment. It features the same kind of near-off-ear speakers as Valve Index, via a collaboration with Valve.

We reviewed Reverb G2 when it first launched. We loved the comfort, audio, and clarity of the headset – but found the controller tracking and ergonomics lacking. It’s an ideal headset for simulators, but for room-scale gaming it doesn’t quite match up to Quest 2 or Valve Index.

A year after launch HP released a revision with the angle of the tracking cameras adjusted to increase tracking volume “by 30% compared to our original headset and resolving blind spots above and below the waist.” The original revision was discontinued.

Reverb G2 is normally priced at $600, so this is a significant discount.

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