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How To Update Your Oculus Quest To The Latest Firmware

How To Update Your Oculus Quest To The Latest Firmware

Are you trying to ensure that your Oculus Quest has the latest features, fixes and performance improvements? This guide will explain how to update your Quest.

The Oculus Quest runs a modified version of Android. Just like other Android devices, it updates over WiFi. However, Facebook “rolls out” updates progressively over the week of release, rather than everyone at once.

While there is a ‘Check for Updates’ button in Settings, this won’t actually force an update.

To increase your chances of getting the update sooner, make sure your Quest is connected to WiFi, connected to power, and in standby mode (ie. not turned off).

So to update, just make sure your headset is on standby and leave it plugged into the USB Type-C charger.

There is no way to know when an update has been downloaded, so you may just want to leave it connected over night.

To install the update, simply restart the Quest by putting it on your head and holding the power button down until you see the option to restart.

Reddit user xalgamer10z caught their headset updating after starting up and took a photo of the indicator:

Quest Updating

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