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Horror Wave Shooter Propagation VR Gets Co-Op DLC Feb. 5th

Horror Wave Shooter Propagation VR Gets Co-Op DLC Feb. 5th

The free single-player version of VR horror wave shooter Propagation VR has been downloaded over 150,000 times on Steam. Now on Feb. 5th, it’s getting paid co-op DLC so you can blast away hordes of undead with a friend.

Propagation VR Co-Op DLC

In Propagation VR you’re trapped in an abandoned subway station surrounded by grotesque monsters. It’s a short game that can be completed in around 30 minutes, but it’s absolutely stacked from start to finish with overwhelming tension and dread. It’s the kind of VR game you’re eager to try after watching the trailer, but then eager to leave out of fear for your own life.

If you’ve been following VR for a few years, you might remember The Brookhaven Experiment. That was one of the first VR horror games I ever played and the influence is very clear here. Just like Brookhaven, Propagation VR is a horror game without any artificial movement. You’re locked in place and you can only move as far as your real world space allows — that makes it even more terrifying.

Weapons all feel more realistic than most arcade-style wave shooters in VR and you’ll have to conserve ammo if you want to make it out alive. There is only one map, but four different difficulty settings to choose from.

The co-op DLC that launches on February 5th literally just adds co-op support into the game, including the ability to invite friends, join people searching for a partner, and talk via voice chat. It’s not a fancy update, but it’s a highly request featured nevertheless.

Propagation VR is available completely for free on Steam by WanadevStudio with support for Rift, Vive, Index, and WMR headsets. The co-op DLC releases on February 5th for $10.

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