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Home Is A West African PC VR Stealth Adventure Coming This Year

Home VR

Home combines West African myths into a VR stealth adventure, and it's releasing this year on Steam.

Created by solo developer Tade "gazuntype" Ajiboye, Home describes itself as combining "the intrigue of West African myths and legends with particularly unique stealth challenges." It follows the story of Efe, a young girl who finds monsters have invaded her boarding school, and you are tasked with helping her escape. Gazuntype calls this "the first VR game of its kind to come out of Africa." You can watch the trailer below:

Elaborating further on the Steam page, gazuntype calls stealth your primary weapon and states Efe can't attack enemies. "Use your wits, cunning, and sometimes a little juju (magic) to slip by monsters undetected but be warned, they are always watching and listening," the description states. However, you will find artifacts along the way and these give her power.

Home arrives in Q4 2023 on Steam, and you can request access to an ongoing PC VR playtest.

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