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Holopoint Dev Plans Big Oculus Quest Update

Holopoint Dev Plans Big Oculus Quest Update

The developers of archery game Holopoint are working on a major update that should be available as a preview release in the coming weeks.

Developer Alzan Studios posted to Reddit recently sharing some of the updates planned in the new version for Oculus Quest. One of the biggest changes looks like a new dojo with “Physically based materials with real-time lighting of dynamic objects.” The studio provided the following comparison image on its Twitter account showing a brighter dojo with more contrast:

Additional changes include a redesigned user interface as well as more options overall, plus a new area that the devs are teasing. Developers are also testing “more precise quivering which requires further movement to grab an arrow” as well as easier to see health panels.

For those unfamiliar, Holopoint is a very active single-player archery game that can make for some exhausting challenges. It was one of the debut VR games 5 years ago on Steam and released late last year on Oculus Quest — we rated it good in our review on Quest.

The developers say they’ll be teasing more updates via the Alzan Studios Twitter account and you should be able to find the new update in a “few” weeks by accessing the game’s versions settings. We’re interested to learn more and look forward to testing out the new update.

Are you playing Holopoint or planning to check it out with the new release? What do you think of the new dojo? Let us know in the comments below.


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