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Holonautic Reveals Surgineer Coming Soon To Quest Platform

Holonautic Reveals Surgineer Coming Soon To Quest Platform

Holonautic revealed Surgineer this week, a new game described as an “unrealistic surgery simulator,” coming soon to Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro.


Holonautic is primarily known for its sandbox puzzle game Hand Physics Lab, available on Quest. The team also recently announced an upcoming multiplayer game, Mash Me Up, which is available now in beta.

Surgineer follows in the footsteps of other classic surgery games, such as the board game operation Operation or the Surgeon Simulator video game franchise. As you can see in the trailer above, Surgineer is definitely not meant to be taken seriously – some of the procedures look simultaneously gruesome and ridiculous.

Here’s a description from Holonautic on what to expect:

“Welcome to the most unrealistic surgery simulator where everyone can instantly become a terrible doctor. You will have to solve hilarious surgical procedures ranging from CPR to brain transplant or even removing alien eggs from a poor patient using a robotic arm!

You always thought you had that surgeon in you? You better have a bulletproof malpractice insurance before getting your virtual hands on a patient!”

The game will support Touch controllers and hand tracking as forms of input. The game is available to wishlist on the Quest store and will be released on October 27th.

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