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Hitman Developers Are Overhauling Physics And Interactions For VR Support

Hitman Developers Are Overhauling Physics And Interactions For VR Support

During a recent developer discussion video on Twitch, IO Interactive shared details on how they’re changing and adapting physics interactions for Hitman VR on PSVR.

You can watch the entire half-hour long developer discussion video embedded above. The highlights include details regarding new physics interactions like being able to tap NPCs on the shoulder to get their attention, reactions to things like slapping them in the face, and even the ability to throw weapons.

In the original games NPCs would look for your torso to detect your location, but now due to the PSVR headset tracking and the DualShock 4 being tracked from the lightbar, they can see your head and hands. This should make things a lot more immersive so you can literally duck behind things.

We’ve already seen a bit of gameplay that you can watch in this developer diary video. After the most recent developer discussion there are certainly lots of possibilities you can imagine for how these things could be used to get even more creative during missions.

Previously we found out Hitman VR would be gamepad only and exclusive to PSVR, at launch. During the discussion embedded above they mentioned there is no news to share on PC VR support, at present, but it sounds like it’s still in the cards for the future. The same goes for PS Move — the developers haven’t completely ruled it out for post-launch support. They also confirmed the new first-person view is a VR only perspective.

Do you think Hitman 3 VR (and eventually Hitman 1 and 2 in VR) will be big releases for the PSVR? Why or why not? Let us know down in the comments below!

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