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Hitman 3 Game Designer Shares PC VR Footage With Full Motion Controls

Hitman 3 Game Designer Shares PC VR Footage With Full Motion Controls

IO Interactive Senior Game Designer Eric Møhl shared new footage of Hitman 3 on PC VR through Twitter this week, showcasing full two-handed motion controls.

While there was no text or explanation accompanying the video, the footage is almost certainly of the game running on PC VR, given the scheduled release next month. The increased independent control over Agent 47’s hands is also an indication of PC VR footage, given that such freedom and movement was not possible or as reliable in the PSVR version that released in January 2020.

On PSVR, players were only able to use the DualShock 4 controller for input – Move controllers were not supported. The DualShock 4 control scheme implemented a mixture of button-press actions along with very limited, two-handed motion controls. We spoke about this more in our review, but the bottom line is that while it didn’t ruin the game, it was still unreliable enough to interfere with our use of select weapons, such as the iconic fiber wire.

As you can see in the video embedded above, Møhl has much more freedom with his hands in this version of the game — he’s clearly controlling both hands independently using some form of VR controllers. This allows him to effortlessly throw punches and push open doors with his hands. He can even bounce and move his hands to the tune of the music (which, in case anyone was wondering, is Champions of the Wild Side by Mindy Jones from the Hitman 3 launch trailer).

There’s been no news on the PC VR launch since it was announced, but if we presume everything is still on track then we can expect a release next month, January 2022.

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