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'Hey Facebook' Wake Words Roll Out To Oculus Quest 2

'Hey Facebook' Wake Words Roll Out To Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 owners can now address Facebook directly while using the headset to accomplish certain tasks with the phrase “Hey Facebook.”

The new opt-in experimental feature is rolling out to Oculus Quest 2 headsets starting today, with plans to expand the feature to the original Quest over time. Facebook says, “Quest doesn’t listen for the ‘Hey Facebook’ wake word when the microphone is turned off, or when the headset is asleep or powered down.” You can also deactivate the feature once it has been turned on, according to a company blog post.

The feature works with Facebook’s existing Voice Commands that started rolling out last year. There’s a full list of them on the Oculus support website but some of them include launching apps, recording gameplay, or casting your view.

From Facebook’s post about the feature:

“You also have control over whether your voice commands are stored and potentially used to make the feature better. You can easily view, hear, and delete your voice commands activity at any time or even turn off voice storage in your Settings, while still taking advantage of the Voice Commands feature. It’s our responsibility to protect your privacy, and you can learn more about how we do that here.

We’re curious how our readers feel about this feature. Apple of course uses “Hey Siri” while Google has you address the company itself with “Hey Google,” Microsoft uses “Hey Cortana,” and Amazon relies on the unusual word “Alexa” to activate its constellation of listening devices.

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