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Hellsweeper VR Delayed, Now Coming In Q2 2023

Hellsweeper VR Delayed, Now Coming In Q2 2023

Sairento developer Mixed Realms has delayed its upcoming dark fantasy combat game, Hellsweeper VR, into next year.

Originally aiming for Q4 2022 on PC VR, with a Quest 2 version arriving later, Mixed Realms has postponed Hellsweeper VR’s release until Q2 2023. The studio advised this decision will “give our team sufficient time to deliver a game that meets our vision.” 

Elaborating further, Mixed Realms confirmed that it wants to deliver “a robust and solid roguelike VR experience with many maps, enemy types, customizable skills bolstered by a huge selection of traits, and more.” Claiming this requires “multiple rounds of polish” for balancing and optimization, that will be the team’s focus in the next few months. You can read the complete statement below:

We had favorable impressions of the Hellsweeper demo at Gamescom 2022. “The intense movement system feels appropriate for the fast-paced, hectic nature of the combat, and I’m sure there’s players who won’t be put off,” we said in our Hellsweeper preview. “It just won’t be an experience for beginners or those who are new to VR. For the experienced though, Hellsweeper looks set to offer a delicious dark fantasy treat.”

Hellsweeper VR will release on PC VR via Steam in Q2 2023. The Quest 2 release of Hellsweeper was originally set to arrive after the PC VR release, but whether that’s still the case is unknown. We’ve reached out to publisher Vertigo Games to clarify the release window for Quest and will update the story if we receive a response. 

When asked about a PSVR 2 version on Twitter, Mixed Realms stated it’s “aiming for it,” but nothing is currently confirmed.

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