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Mixed Realms Address Hellsweeper PSVR 2 Visual Concerns

Mixed Realms Address Hellsweeper PSVR 2 Visual Concerns

Hellsweeper VR developer Mixed Realms promised to address PSVR 2 visual concerns, outlining future updates in a post-launch roadmap.

Releasing today on most major VR platforms, Hellsweeper VR faced significant criticism over the PSVR 2 version's visuals. In a new statement, Mixed Realms explains the team began addressing these issues before launch, writing “this isn't a flaw of any platform but a result of bad-timing and decisions we made as a studio.”

Our choice to release the game on PSVR2, despite the graphical concerns, was influenced by several factors: obligations, gameplay decisions, and the challenges of supporting crossplay across different devices. Our initial optimism met reality much closer to launch, resulting in compromises to maintain our vision.
We chose to present the core combat experience first, with a commitment to post-launch graphical enhancements. We faced a crossroad: merely porting Quest 2 graphics or striving for PCVR model fidelity. We chose the latter, even if it temporarily compromised render resolution.

Outlining a post-launch roadmap, Mixed Realms revealed two planned updates will both introduce PSVR 2 and Quest graphics updates. The Q4 2023 update includes the new 'Treachery' boss, more blessings, a new weapon, plus roulette and tribute additions for co-op. A second new boss, 'Wrath,' will arrive in the Q1 2024 update alongside further content additions.

Hellsweeper VR is available now on the Meta Quest platform, PSVR 2 and PC VR. We'll bring you our full review soon.

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