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Narrative Espionage Thriller Heartshot Reaches PC VR Soon

Narrative Espionage Thriller Heartshot Reaches PC VR Soon

Heartshot, a PC VR narrative espionage thriller, will reach Steam Early Access soon.

Developed by a two-person team at Meadow Studios, Heartshot describes itself as a story-driven espionage thriller where "fast, chaotic gunplay meets retro-inspired cinematic environments." Playing as an agent tasked with dismantling a global criminal empire, your investigation brings you to a remote Siberian base now controlled by Marko Sokovic. Here's the official trailer:

Exploring a mysterious subterranean complex, Heartshot promises "a wide variety" of weapons and attachments for quick loadout customization. You're also armed with hi-tech magnet gloves as a multi-tool device, which lets you retrieve weapons and ammo and manipulate machinery across your environment.

Detailed in a Steam FAQ, Meadow Studios plans to release Heartshot's campaign across three chapters, though the initial early access release only includes chapter 1 and a "jungle-themed arena mode." Chapter 2 is planned as a free update "sometime in 2024," while Chapter 3 will coincide with the full release.

Heartshot reaches Steam Early Access on February 29, 2024.

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