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E3 2019: Harmonix Announces DLC Plans For Dance Central VR And Audica

E3 2019: Harmonix Announces DLC Plans For Dance Central VR And Audica

During our E3 VR Showcase today Harmonix announced that both its dancing VR game Dance Central and shooter-themed musical rhythm game Audica are getting new DLC releases.

For Dance Central the new DLC features include an official fitness app to track calories burned while playing and stats over time. They’re also evolving the game so that NPCs can challenge you to dance as well instead of just your real life friends to make unlocking new gear easier. And finally, Harmonix will be releasing six brand new songs for the game bringing the overall total up from 32 to 38. All of this is coming to both Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift platforms. For more on  Dance Central, make sure and read our full review of the Quest version.

For Audica, the updates are quite a bit different. Since the game is still in Early Access its updates have been far more frequent with 10 total so far to date. Now later this month, it’s due to get its biggest update yet. The new update includes all-new songs, a new environment to play in, new weapon skins, and a revamped leaderboard.

Today, Audica is also getting an in-game editor to create custom levels for existing songs which should offer enhanced replayability. Players can even share their custom song maps with the community as well. There’s even a community contest with prizes for custom maps.

Harmonix seems very committed to improving and updating both of these games, which is a great sign. Combined with the updates that Beat Saber continues to receive now is a good time to be a music game fan in VR.

Correction: This post has been updated with corrected information regarding the Audica DLC plans.

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