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Hands-On: Technolust 2's Flight Gameplay Feels Very Blade Runner-Esque

Hands-On: Technolust 2's Flight Gameplay Feels Very Blade Runner-Esque

Did you know Blair Renaud from Iris VR was working on a follow-up to 2016’s Technolust? Did you know it’s tentatively titled Technolust 2? And did you know that it features a flying airship and a cyberpunk city that’s basically dripping neon colors? Well, let me be the first to tell you that all three of those things are true!

Renaud sent a very, very early pre-alpha build of the game to see for ourselves and we came away extremely impressed with the visuals and sense of style. From head to toe Technolust 2 feels like it’s screaming Blade Runner, which is far from a bad thing. Check out a few minutes of footage up at the top of this post or here on YouTube.

We praised the original Technolust for its excellent storytelling in the early days of VR, specifically with regard to how meta its presentation of a world dominated by virtual reality might look like. The Extended Format update added a ton of new content as well as hand controller support. For the follow-up, it looks like this one will be a bit more action-packed.

In the game you play as a detective in a cyberpunk-themed dystopia. The flight seen in the video above is sort of like a gameplay sandbox for the player, but is also the core mechanic in a big chase scene in the game. Renaud’s focus is on providing a lot of things for players to do, like picking up side missions and finding secrets, even after the main story is over.

More bits and details about Technolust 2 can be found here and you can follow Renaud on Twitter to stay up to date. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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