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Hands-On: Everslaught Invasion Promises A Thrilling VR Co-Op Experience

Hands-On: Everslaught Invasion Promises A Thrilling VR Co-Op Experience

PC VR exclusive Everslaught remains in early access but that hasn’t stopped MobX Games working on its sequel, Everslaught Invasion. Bringing intense two-player co-op to Meta Quest 2, here are our full thoughts from EGX London 2022!

VR can bring us wonderful social experiences. Flatscreen gaming has the convenience advantage, sure, but diving across virtual worlds with friends remains unrivaled. Between running a spaceship in Star Trek: Bridge Crew one moment to tearing up After The Fall’s snowies the next, it’s all quite thrilling. VR’s immersive potential simply can’t be beat and that’s probably why there’s so many great co-op VR games on Quest 2. After playing a demo of Everslaught Invasion, I firmly believe it’ll join those games soon enough.

Playing as the secretive Cleric Order’s new hero, your goal involves fighting the Corrupted, an evil faction infesting the streets. Between the Warrior, Rogue or Vanguard classes, MobX promises each hero features “unique play styles and tools.” I couldn’t test all three, so I settled for the Warrior, wielding a sword in one hand and a gun built into the other (pictured below). Dual wielding melee weapons is also possible, but prevents you from using the gun as a secondary weapon. 

A quick tutorial introduced me to Everslaught Invasion’s unwelcoming desert city, moving around with artificial locomotion. Once the waves of Corrupted foes began, I realized that the action simply doesn’t let up. Foes appear everywhere, attacking with melee strikes or from range using crossbows, so keep a sharp focus. Things can become overwhelming if you’re left alone for too long, but your co-op partner can always provide backup. Teaming up with a MobX developer in my demo, we worked pretty well through some intense fights that had me sweating.

everslaught invasion

If things get dicey, your character can also safely evacuate with a grappling hook. It’s a useful escape tool but I had a different idea instead: dive straight towards Corrupted and slash them mid-air. Imagine Spider-Man armed with swords and you’ve got the right idea. That’s just one satisfying example of the creative ways you can approach combat. Should you sustain damage, there’s charging stations spread around the map. Sticking your hand into a station refills your healing gauge, after which you can replenish your health anytime, assuming you aren’t busy fending off hordes.

After three enemy waves, the battle was won and I was sad to see the demo end. I was impressed with what I played and MobX says that the game features a “deep progression system” with unlockable skills and weapons across the full game.  The gameplay felt frantic yet comfortable, and swinging around with the grappling hook and swiping enemies was entertaining. It’s a natural fit for co-op – I can’t wait to see the finished game.

Everslaught Invasion launches in early 2023 exclusively for Meta Quest 2.

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