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Halo VR Training Included In Touring Fan Event

Halo VR Training Included In Touring Fan Event

A VR experience is among the attractions at a touring Halo fan event passing through major cities this summer.

The Training Grounds will “simulate what it takes to be a Spartan, in an immersive, Halo themed combat training environment,” according to the website for Halo: Outpost Discovery.

The trailer above shows shots of VRcade backpack systems and an HTC Vive. We’ve reached out to VRstudios for details on the experience and will update this post if we hear anything.

Hopefully this VR training is quite a bit more involved than the disappointing training experience released in 2017. That experience, while officially endorsed, was single player and pitted players against targets represented on a flat screen. Halo: Recruit became the very definition of disappointing wave shooter when it debuted in connection with Windows-based VR headsets. So practically anything else at Halo: Outpost Discovery would be a step up for the Halo franchise in VR.

Tickets to Halo: Outpost Discovery start at around $60. The overall event includes some 300,000 square feet of Halo attractions with VR just one of them. For example, the “Hall of History” includes artifacts from the franchise including a to-scale Warthog vehicle. There is also a laser tag arena as well as a “Ring Experience” which includes a “multi-projector, dome-based theatrical experience.”

Halo: Outpost Discovery kicks off first in Orlando (July 5-7) and then travels through Philadelphia (July 19-21), Chicago (August 2-4), Houston (August 16-18) and finally Anaheim (August 30-September 1).

We’re of course expecting major announcements later this month from Microsoft in connection with Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While we are expecting news regarding the HoloLens product line, Halo is an important franchise to Microsoft and it is always possible that it makes an appearance in connection with new hardware announcements.

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