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Half-Life: Alyx Mod Brings Portal 2 Test Chambers To Life

Half-Life: Alyx Mod Brings Portal 2 Test Chambers To Life

A new addon for Half-Life: Alyx offers a couple test chambers inspired by Portal 2 that you can solve in VR without a portal gun.

The mod is called ApertureVR – Thinking Without Portals and it does a fantastic job recreating the look, feel and sound of Valve’s classic Portal 2 adapted with Half-Life: Alyx’s gravity gloves to pull cubes over to you. There’s no portal gun here, there’s only four test chambers and we were only able to successfully complete the first two — there seemed to be a progression bug with the third one at the time of this writing. Last year we looked at another mod that let you walk through a Portal 2 map and pick up some items, but this latest one actually offers a bit of gameplay and its creators hope it can serve as the basis of much more.

The first playable demo of the addon for Half-Life: Alyx was put together by four people in less than a month and features more than 200 models that are ported or new, according to the creators, and they’re offering the ApertureVR Source Pack with “prefabs, models, scripts, maps and more that allows creators to design more custom test chambers in VR.”

“With a bigger team, we hope we can integrate new puzzles, more unique VR-friendly mechanics and vastly improved assets,” the description for the addon explains.

We captured a six minutes of gameplay so you can check out how it looks:

You can find the addon here and there’s a Discord server you can join for more information about the effort. The Half-Life: Alyx community continues to build on Valve’s tools in every direction — we recently reported on more BioShock levels planned for release as an addon later this year.

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