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Hack Kids In Tokyo Teaches Game Programming Using Nintendo Labo VR

Hack Kids In Tokyo Teaches Game Programming Using Nintendo Labo VR

Nintendo’s cardboard Labo creations have been an avenue for gamers to explore creativity, especially so for those of a younger age. Now, the company is utilizing its Nintendo Labo VR Kit in the Hack Kids in Tokyo special event where parents and children age 6 and up learn to program their own games using Toy-Con Garage VR.

Hack Kids in Tokyo is an event organized by Yahoo and welcomes elementary school children in third to sixth grade along with their parents. Toy-Con Garage VR is a way for Nintendo Labo VR users to take a look under the hood of over 60 games that have been created by Labo’s developers. Hack Kids will use this same program to teach kids and parents how the games are made and help them to develop their own.

The Hack Kids program from Yahoo was created when those responsible for the education curriculum in Japan determined that elementary schools will require programming education by the year 2020. Hack Kids seeks out areas across the country where opportunities to learn programming aren’t as available and puts together a series of events for the different communities.

Applications for Hack Kids in Tokyo are limited to two children per account (additional kids can be added with additional accounts). Entry into the event is free, but Yahoo and Nintendo are handling the demand for the event by hosting a lottery via the Connpass website. There will be 40 winners and parents will be contacted with instructions by email.

Hack Kids in Tokyo will take place on July 15, 2019, at the Yahoo Japan Headquarters and runs from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Parents and children will not need to own a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Labo VR Kit, or possess any programming knowledge to participate in Hack Kids in Tokyo.

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