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Rhythm Shooter Gun Jam VR Launches On Quest 2

Rhythm Shooter Gun Jam VR Launches On Quest 2

Rhythm shooter Gun Jam VR launched this week.

Available now on Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro, Gun Jam VR is made by Jaw Drop Games and published by Raw Fury. It tasks players to shoot to the rhythm like Pistol Whip, but from a stationary spot rather than streaming down corridors.

“It features a unique beat-pattern shooting mechanic and firefights synced to the original soundtrack in a vibrant world,” it says on the game’s description on the Quest store. ”

The soundtrack covers a range of genres from EDM to Metal with several weapons available as well as both arcade and freeplay game modes.

Check out Gun Jam VR in the launch trailer below:

Developers are working on a flatscreen PC version of the game as well. Jaw Drop Games Community Manager Sarah Carter-Evans offered some background on the game’s development process in a post on Meta’s blog:

We started concepting the visual style of GUN JAM when we had our PC prototype back in 2018. Our art and lore were naturally drawn to a world where everything was amplified to the extreme and painted with dystopian undertones. In GUN JAM, everything revolves around “The Beat” and being a rhythm-FPS game, we started with having music references and metaphors everywhere. So entire buildings might double up as a speaker where the walls might shake to the pulse of the bass, lights may strobe in rhythm with each track, and signage around the City Streets levels would flash in time with the tune.

I played Gun Jam very briefly and it looks like it could be an interesting take on the rhythm shooting genre. I’m curious to see how progression flows when we can dive more deeply into it.

Gun Jam VR is available on the Quest store now, priced $14.99 for launch, with the flatscreen PC version of the game planned for release this year.

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