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Guardians Is A New VR Shooter RTS Hybrid, Out Now On SideQuest And PC VR

Guardians Is A New VR Shooter RTS Hybrid, Out Now On SideQuest And PC VR

Guardians is a unique hybrid VR game that melds shooter and RTS mechanics into one experience, complete with PvE and PvE modes. It’s out now on PC VR and Quest via SideQuest (App Lab submission pending) for $15, including crossplay.

We originally covered Guardians back in November and it already had a lot of promise back then. In Guardians you take on the role of an elite operative that’s responsible for protecting a galactic federation that’s mining for a powerful energy source on a strange new planet on the outer rim of the galaxy. You’ll fight off enemies not only by using a powerful arsenal of weapons, but also by setting up defenses and summoning robot companions.

One really appealing aspect of Guardians, at least based on the footage and store description, is the sheer variety of everything. There are lots of different weapons including guns and bows, as well as droids, drones, tanks, mechs, turrets, and more. Combat looks extremely hectic and reminds me a bit of Evasion. Not to mention solo, co-op, and PvP on top of it all.

You can pull out a datapad map to get a “tactical view” of the area which includes information about minerals and nearby enemies, as well as locations you can teleport to across the map. This will serve as a eagle’s eye view of the battle to manage your forces from while controlling the commander on the ground. There’s tremendous freedom of movement too including even a jetpack for hovering and gliding.

Guardians is technically in Early Access according to the Steam page and includes all primary game mechanics, six solo or co-op levels and two PvP maps across three PvP game modes. There’s also a tutorial and practice range already with seven weapons and eight enemy types.

Developers VirtualAge plan to keep Guardians in Early Access for approximately 4-6 months before flipping the switch for full launch. You can grab it for PC VR via Steam or on SideQuest for Quest/Quest 2 right now for $15. Full crossplay is supported and an App Lab release is pending.

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