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Guardians Frontline Drops New Trailer Revealing Map Editor

Guardians Frontline Drops New Trailer Revealing Map Editor

Fast Travel Games released a new trailer for Guardians Frontline, providing our first look at the in-game map editor.

While VirtualAge Games previously confirmed an in-game level editor during Guardians Frontline’s reveal, we got our first look today during the Upload VR Showcase Winter 2022. You can see players placing map pieces directly onto the map in the trailer, as well as altering object sizes by moving apart the motion controllers. 

You can see this in the trailer embedded above, alongside the various inventory items and terrain altering tools available. If you’re not interested in level design, fear not. Guardians Frontline also includes a single-player campaign, four player co-op, and a PvP mode with support for up to eight players. 

Originally released as Guardians VR on App Lab, SideQuest and Steam Early Access, VirtualAge’s game got renamed to Guardians Frontline once Fast Travel Games came onboard as publisher earlier this year. An FPS and RTS hybrid, it takes direct inspiration from Halo and Starcraft, letting you play as both a soldier and commander at your discretion. 

We went hands-on with Guardians Frontline at EGX London 2022, where we called it a promising halfway point between the FPS and RTS genres. Calling Frontline “more than the sum of its parts,” we weren’t completely sold on the FPS mechanics but believed this balanced out. “Individually, the FPS gameplay isn’t terribly exciting but it compliments the strategic side well, offering a nice change of pace.”

Guardians Frontline arrives in early 2023 on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR via Steam. You can read our hands-on from EGX London here.

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